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Sorry for the slowness.

Sorry for not posting anything for awhile. Life has been busy and I have had no want to write. But Now I am back in it and working on chapter four. I am editing and re writing some of chapter three. Then after my best friend edits for me it shall be posted. I am hoping next week.... that would be nice.
   But I am sorry. I know I have some fans and I hate not posting anything. But I haven't had the FEELS to write. Yes, I get the feels over my own story.

   Hopefully you guys will get something next week. I forced myself to write chapter three and it's horrible! Now after some brain storming and I cannot wait to write and get my plans down! So my plan is write next week for at least an hour and get chapter three done!

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Chapter two

~~~Chapter Two~~~

I thought I was dead at first. All I could hear was strange beeping and I could see this bright white light. Even with my eyes closed I could see the lights.
   I slowly opened my eyes a few hours later and was surprised to see that I was in a hospital room. I had an I.V in my right arm and my left was in a cast. Cloth was wrapped tightly around my chest and with each breath my ribs hurt. My legs hurt but luckily neither were broken. That would be bad… My head hurt and I had something over my nose, almost like a cast for it. Everything seemed to hurt, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t pick one place that hurt worse. I also wondered about my dog… where was Maxie?! Was he okay? Did he get killed or hurt? The thought make me swing my legs off the bed. I was ready to go home and check. But a male nurse who had been at the door ran up towards me. “Oh no! You’re staying in bed. Doctor said you had a concussion.” I was confused, very confused. And dizzy. The nurse helped me lay back on the bed and propped me up. The name on the tag that the man wore said Daniel. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and very white skin. And he didn’t look older than I was. “Did – is my dog here?”I asked as he covered my legs with a blanket and looked at me. “They said there was a dog when they picked you up. He was taken to the vet and someone named Mrs. Cooper claimed to know him and also you. She was here this morning and said she would come again in a couple days.” Daniel said with a strong southern accent. I felt better as soon as he said that Maxie was with Mrs. Cooper. She would take care of him and make sure no one else got hold of him.  “Oh thank goodness.”I allowed myself to relax and get checked by Daniel. He listened to my heart, my breathing and checked my neck. “What happened? I heard you were beat by a gang. You don’t have any tattoos.”He pulled up a chair and sat next to me. He really did seem interested as in why a gang would beat me up if I didn’t have tattoos. Almost everyone in the town I lived in had a tattoo showing which gang they were in or supported. At least all the men did. I didn’t want a tattoo. No matter what it was, gang related or not. “No, I do not have any tattoos. And I am not in a gang. Gangs don’t take people like me.”I told him. I looked across the room and away from him. Daniel looked at me with a confused look and raised an eyebrow. “People like you?”He leaned forward and put his hands together in front of him. “Yeah, I am mixed.” I told him as I looked down at the plain cream colored bed sheet. I knew I looked ashamed and sometimes I was. I wasn’t accepted by the gangs. And you were nothing if you didn’t belong in one. “You’re mixed?”Daniel asked, clearly confused about what I had said. “I am half black and half white. So they don’t like me. If I marry and have kids, they will be part black and white. And that’s not ‘right’.” I explained. I had looked up at him with a sigh and a nod. “Well that’s not right.”  Daniel told me. He stood and ran his fingers though his hair as he paced around the room. Besides Mrs. Cooper… he seemed to be the only person who truly seemed worried by the fact that I wasn’t really liked by the people in this city. “I know, but what could we do about it? I have lived here my whole life and was lucky to be able to buy an apartment and live here without trouble. I am lucky, they could have killed me by now.” I told him. I really didn’t know why I was sticking up for these people. They almost killed me but I didn’t want to admit it. To me they kept me safe and treated me well. Even though they were mean at times. I didn’t truly care about that. Daniel turned to face me with a look that asked if I was stupid. “What do you mean? You were attacked by a gang. And you call yourself lucky? In the two years I have worked here I have seen at least three people a week who have been attacked by gangs and it’s not pretty!” He exclaimed. He was clearly angry. He had nothing to worry about. He was just white, and a nurse. He was safe. Gangs needed doctors and people who knew about that stuff were welcomed with open arms!

I sighed as I looked at the window that looked out to a beautiful small garden. It had a white birdbath with different colored flowers around it. It was the beginning of spring and everything looked beautiful. But it didn’t matter at that moment for me. I was very confused about everything. “You don’t understand! My father was killed by the same gang who attacked me. I disobeyed the rules they set for me. And they could have killed me or kicked me out of their territory. I am alive, therefore I am lucky.” I had become depressed thinking about all that. My father was killed and I wasn’t. And I wasn’t right for anybody in that city. Why hadn’t I gotten away sooner? But I did not want to admit that I was wrong. A smart person would have left as soon as they came of age and could move out. But I didn’t. I had to stay! Why? Why did I? Why I did I have to torture myself like this? “If they killed your father, why are you staying? Why haven’t you left? Aren’t you scared to die?” Daniel asked. I looked up at him and shrugged. “I don’t know, this place is history, my history, my family’s history. I cannot seem to leave. I was going to. I was going to leave within 24 hours of the time I was attacked. It was for a couple weeks. But I was going to leave.” I told him. My eyes now looked at my hands and I chewed on my lip. “Do you think that was why you were attacked?” Daniel asked as he started to walk closer to my bed. I shrugged. “I think that might be the reason.” I admitted. I looked at him and shrugged. “Plus, I am mixed. They don’t like that.” Daniel moved the chair over closer to my bed and he sat with his right leg crossed over his left and hands folded in his lap. “Why is that?” I had to take a moment to think about how to explain it without blowing up! I was growing sick and tired of all these questions. It was my life and he no right poking his nose in my business! “Because blacks and whites can speak, be friends but cannot have children!” I exclaimed, once again I slid my legs off the bed to try and get up. But Daniel jumped up, ran over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders. That guy was strong! “Oh, no you’re not!” He yelled as he tried to push me back into the bed. But I fought back, I wanted out and to go home! There was no use sticking around here if I felt fine.”Yes I am! I cannot let them win!” I told him. I used all my weight to try and push him off. But the moment my right leg touched the ground and weight was put on it, I groaned and sat on the bed. I hurt everywhere once again. Daniel helped me once again to get back in bed and by then I felt like I would pass out. “I will leave and you can sleep. But get out of bed again and you will be tied down. You need to rest.” Daniel sounded stern and I knew he was not kidding. But I just nodded and laid my head on the pillow. And as soon as I heard the door shut before Daniel, I was out of it and asleep.

In my dream I was in a tunnel. (Ever wonder where the title of this book comes from?) But there was no light at either end. “Hello?” I called as I walked around and felt along the wall. I could not see a thing as I did. And I was admittedly terrified and I didn’t want to go anywhere. But I felt a pull. ‘It’s time to move on.’ A males voice said from somewhere in the tunnel. “Hello!?” I called out. I was breathing hard and quickly turned. And when I did I heard a louder and surprisingly real female voice ask. “James! It’s okay. Wake up.” And that’s what I did… I woke up.

 I could tell it was a new day and I had been asleep longer than I thought I would have. The blankets had been changed from cream colored to a light sky blue color. And a woman nurse was in my room and checking the I.V bag. “Who are you? Where’s Daniel?” I asked. I felt better than I had before and I wanted a familiar face. And apologize to him how I acted before. It wasn’t like me. And I felt bad. The woman turned and I saw that she was older. She looked around forty or so with short reddish/brown hair and kind blue eyes. She had the motherly look to her face. But she also looked stern. “His shift starts at eight, I am the night nurse.” She explained. Then she turned to walk to the window and I noticed how short she seemed to be. I nodded and turned my head towards the door as it opened and a young, cute nurse walked in. She had curly red hair and green eyes. And she pushed the food cart. I could smell the food across the room. Eggs, bacon and hash browns. She wheeled the cart over to the bed and picked up this tray that was between my bed and the bedside table. She unfolded the legs and sat it over my legs. "You hungry?" The nurse asked with a smile. "Yeah," I said as I looked down at my hands. I wasn't good around women my age. I never had been and maybe never will. The nurse smiled and as soon as the tray was stable she put the plate with eggs, bacon and hash browns on it. She also sat down a glass of milk and one of water on it and gave me a small smile and nod. “I hope you feel better. And I will see you at noon.” With another smile she turned and walked off. And I started to eat like I haven’t eaten anything in weeks. It honestly felt like I haven’t.

  After the meal the ‘night nurse’ (Never did learn her name) took my plate and explained to me what would happen that day. I was to shower and the cloth around my waist would be changed and my ribs would be checked by a doctor. Then he would check my legs and I might go for some physical therapy. Fun…. She handed me a t.v remote and then said goodbye and that she would be back after supper that night. I just nodded and turned on the t.v and flipped though the channels. Honestly… not much was really on. So I settled for an old Rerun of I Love Lucy.

Daniel walked in just as the show ended. I started to laugh. He wore blue scrubs with brown cowboy boots. He looked shocked and then looked down at the ground and at his feet. “What?”He asked, clearly baffled at why I could be laughing. “Don’t nurses wear those comfy white nurse shoes?” I asked as Daniel shut the door and shook his head. “Most do, but I wear these sometimes. My feet end up killing me. But I can always change.” He walked over to me and started to study the I.V bag. “Plus, I think these look better.” He had a mischievous look on his face and then slightly chuckled. “Okay, you need to shower today. And then the Doctor will check out your ribs and head. You will go in for a CAT scan a bit later in the afternoon.” He explained. He reached for my right arm and then turned off the dripping from the I.V. “I will be taking the I.V out. The Doctor said that you don’t need it anymore!” He said it as if it was a reason to celebrate. But I have fear of needles… so I closed my eyes as he carefully pulled the needle out of my arm. But I was glad for it to be out. I could get out of bed now and out of that room if I wanted too. But I knew I needed a shower. I smelled of hospital and blood. I didn’t know how Daniel could stand to be a foot away from me.

   After he took everything that was hooked up to me off, He allowed me to get out of bed. Pain shot though my body as I stood. But after a second or two I felt better. “I will walk you to the bathroom and then leave. But the door will be cracked and I will be standing outside.” Daniel told me as we walked towards the bathroom. Once in he handed me a blue towel and washcloth and some soap. The kind in the little bags like you’d get from a hotel. “If you need me, call. It’s no big deal. I am the second oldest of six kids. And my brother broke both his arms two years ago. I had to help him do everything. And I mean everything.” Daniel said. I just nodded and turned to watch him walk out of the bathroom. He cracked the door and I could hear him whistling out in my room. I very carefully pulled off my hospital grown and that’s when I got the first real look of my beat up body. Even though most of my chest was covered with the cloth, I had bruises all over my chest and belly. My arms had bruises on them and so did my legs. I turned and my back did also. In some places I had dried blood from small cuts. My face had cuts on it and hair looked horrible.  I felt horrible. I was depressed again and stood in front of the mirror just looking at myself.

  A knock at the door sounded and I turned. “Are you okay?” I heard Daniel ask. “Yeah, I am getting in the shower now.” I placed the towel and washcloth near the shower. The shower had a door in it and little chair in there to sit on. I stood right under the shower head and gasped as I turned on the water and the cold water hit my head. Cold showers helped me to think. It shocked my body and I could get lost in the sound of the water and my thoughts. But as the water hit all the bruises pain shot though my body. But I very slowly washed my hair and tried to wash my body. But I was tiring out. You never know how much energy a shower takes until your body needs rest.

I stepped out of the shower and took a deep breath. My body was ready to just fall and sleep. Somehow I managed to get my boxer shorts on. It was painful and doing it one handed wasn’t an easy thing. But I sat on the toilet to rest. I wasn’t ready to give up and call Daniel to help me.  I wasn’t the type of person who asked and accepted help. But I needed it. I stood again and groaned as pain shot up from my ribs and sat right back down. “You okay?” I heard Daniel asked from outside the door. “Yeah,” I lied. I stood and couldn’t help but sound like an old man as I did. Daniel walked in and stopped right under the door frame with his arms crossed. I tried to bend down and pick up the hospital gown off the floor but I couldn’t bend that far. Actually… I could hardly bend at all. I tried to use my foot to kick it up into the air. But my leg was stiff from lying in the bed for so long, that it didn’t want to do anything other than walk. I sighed and gave up. “Help?”I asked Daniel. He smiled, nodded and walked in. “You can get a new gown if you want.”He unlocked a door I didn’t even know was there and inside was a row of three cabinets. The top held the soap and bottles of stuff. The second had more hospital gowns and the third held towels and washcloths. “You can pick.” He stood back with a winning smile on his face. He knew he won. I gave up and now he would help. I walked over and picked the first one I saw. But I put it back. It was pink with white cats on it. That is not something I would dare to be seen in. I picked a plain green one and Daniel helped me put it on. “The Doctor will be in to see you soon. This robe will need to be taken off when he checks your ribs.” He explained as he gently tied the robe on to keep it at least somewhat closed. I brushed my hair and then my teeth. Then I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I felt a little bit better, especially since I was clean. But I still looked horrible. “I am ready to get back into bed.”I told him, my body was ready to give out. I sat on the bed and Daniel helped me lay back and he pulled the sheets over my legs. “Rest, the Doctor will be here soon.”Daniel handed me a couple books and walked out. I had to smile. He and I could become good friends.

  An hour the door opened. I placed a piece of paper in my book as a bookmark and then laid it next to me. “Hello, James. I am Doctor Munson.”  The Doctor looked like he must be old. He seemed to be  around 50 or so. But he looked nice with his brown hair that was turning white, his dark blue eyes had a kind expression in them.  On his white doctor’s coat were the numbers and letter.  E 3:1-2. I wondered what that meant.
  I watched him for a moment until I decided that he could be trusted. “Hey,” I said simply as I looked at the ground. Good going… I told myself. You’re being very friendly.  I looked back at him and he and Daniel were talking over a clip board. I guessed it was my chart. They did a lot of nodding and hand movements. Then Doctor Munson walked over to me with the clipboard in his hands. Daniel followed but stayed a couple feet away. “How are you feeling?”Dr. Munson asked as he handed the clipboard to Daniel and pulled his stethoscope from around his neck. I honestly had to think about that question. “Well… my chest feels like needles are poking me whenever I breathe. And I don’t mean a tiny little poke. More like huge needles… almost like a stake that you’d use to kill vampires with.” I knew that didn’t make much sense but that was how I could explain it. Dr. Munson nodded and turned to Daniel who started to write something down. “How does your head feel?” He asked, he put the ear pieces of the stethoscope in his ear and watched me. “I still get waves of dizziness. But it’s not that bad. And if I stand for awhile my head hurts. But again it’s not that bad.” I explained. He once again nodded and then used his finger to motion me to sit up. He was clearly not a man of many words. I sat up and he placed the cold piece of the stethoscope to my chest and told me to breathe normally. Then he moved it to my back. “Very good.” He placed the stethoscope back around his neck and then grabbed my wrist to check my pulse and started to talk in doctor code, all these numbers and stuff. “Good, now take the robe off.” He told me. I stared at him for a moment but slowly did as he said. Daniel helped me because I was sitting down and soon I sat on my bed with just my boxers on. I was very glad to have a male doctor. Dr. Munson and Daniel spoke in whispers again and then turned to me. “We will have to unwrap you.”Daniel told me with a hint of a smirk on his lips. “It might be painful, we can put the I.V back in and give you some pain killers if you’d like.” He told me. But I immediately shook my head. “I will be fine.” I told them. They both nodded and Daniel started to take the safety pins out of one side and then unwrapped the cloth. It did hurt, the cloth kept everything tight and as it got looser I felt things poking inside me and moving. Dr. Munson looked worried as he watched the pain come across my face. He started to whisper to himself and then he walked into the bathroom. He came out with a huge bowl and a sponge. He handed that to Daniel who started to gently clean around the bruises and cuts. “You broke a few ribs.” Dr. Munson told me. “It will take a few weeks to a couple months for them to heal.”He explained. Then after Daniel was done with me Dr. Munson came over and started to look at my chest. He would gently touch a place that hurt and when I gasped he backed up.
 After a couple minutes he turned to Daniel and nodded. Daniel walked out and it was just the Doctor and I. “You will have an X-ray of your chest and a CAT scan. After that you will come in here and rest. Then tomorrow a lady named Mrs. Cooper and I need to speak to you about something. But today will be a day of rest.”He explained. He was the type of man you just KNOW you had to listen too. But worry was in his eyes, it was for me. Daniel came back in with a wheelchair and he and Dr. Munson helped me in it. It felt weird and a bit painful to sit straight up. But off we were to the X-ray room.

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Light at the end of the tunnel. Chapter One.

 (This is a brand new story I have started. Many people seem to like it and I hope you enjoy it too!)

                    Light at the end of the tunnel.                                      Emily M. A.

The light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what everyone says. Go to that light, and God will be at the end. But is it true? That’s what I am wondering. Is there really a tunnel that you can go to and good will be there? Does it mean any old tunnel? Or is it a ‘special’ one? A gold one? Or maybe a two hundred year old train tunnel. Or maybe it isn’t even is a real tunnel. Maybe it means something else. But that’s what I am here to figure out. And I am going to do it. Who am I you may ask. You will find out. I am not your ‘normal’ person. No, I have been though too much to be called that.  I am just a person looking for the meaning to life; looking for an adventure; looking for a way out of the only life I have ever known. 

   The morning was early and the sun was just about to rise. It was still dark and I looked around my room in the tiny apartment. It wasn’t much. One room with one bathroom. My bed was a pull out sofa and the kitchen was just one of those three feet tall refrigerators, two counters and a microwave. I had a small 19’ inch t.v and a coffee table. And that was really it other than a dresser. I had a dog, a two year old male Rottweiler who was my best friend. Yes, I lived alone. And most people would freak out knowing that I did not live in a safe part of the city. But if you are one of those people I ask you this; why do you think I got a Rottweiler? He’s a good guard dog if he wants to be.  But other than that, he is a big baby. 

   I pulled back the covers of my sofa bed, stood and then stretched. I grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans off of the floor and walked into the bathroom. I hopped into the shower and the cool water felt good on my body. I loved cold showers; it shocked my body into waking up and going. As soon as I got out of the shower I looked into the mirror. My beard was growing back... With a sigh I pulled on my jeans and started to put shaving cream all over my beard and then shaved. 

From outside a knock could be heard on the door. And then the deep and loud bark of my dog could be heard. I quickly shaved and splashed cool water on my face, then patted my face dry before I slung the towel over my shoulder and walked in the room. “Okay boy.” I said as I reached the door. “Sit! And stay!”I ordered my dog who obediently sat but let a deep growl out at the door. I reached for the handle and slightly opened the door. “Who is it?” I asked as I peaked though the crack. I never opened the open too wide. Where I lived, it could be someone with a gun; or a robber, or worse. But no, it was older lady from next door. “I – I got your mail again by accident.” I opened the door a little wider and gave her a smile. She was a widow and about 70 years old. I had only met her a couple times. But she was sweet and almost always had curlers in her graying brown hair. She had a motherly look in her brown eyes, but she was clearly scared of my dog. Her hands shook as she held out a few envelopes and kept her eyes glued on my dog. Who still sat at my feet. “Mrs. Cooper. Don’t stare at him. Just let him sniff you hand. He won’t bite.”I had a smile on my face as I said that and watched Mrs. Cooper think it over. I took the envelopes and sat them on my dresser, which was behind me.

Mrs. Cooper worryingly looked at my dog, but she held her hand out. I nodded to him and my dog stood and sniffed Mrs. Cooper looked terrified. “Mrs. Cooper, this is Maxie.” Maxie’s stub of a tail wagged and Mrs. Cooper smiled. “He is a nice dog!” She said as she slowly knelt down and touched Maxie on the head. I smiled as I opened the door wider and let her. My small apartment wasn’t the neatest place in the world. Clothes and dishes were everywhere, my bed sheets were all tangled and dog food was on the floor. But Mrs. Cooper didn’t seem to care. Maxie licked her face and she giggled. “So…. How is that book coming along?”Mrs. Cooper asked with a smile upon her face. “I have nothing to write about.” I told her as I started to pick up my clothes and put them in a bag to take to a Laundromat later that morning; my life wasn’t very interesting… at least not now anyways. And my book was about my life and what I have done. Being only 19 years old, nothing happened. I had a part time job as presser washer. I didn’t get paid much but enough to pay the 150 dollar monthly rent. I didn’t have wifi so that saved. Plus, being a small apartment in a bad part of town helped with the rent too. Mrs. Cooper nodded, stood and opened her purse. She pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to me. “A friend gave this to me and I thought of you.” I took it and looked at the picture on front. The picture at the top showed an island with nice, light, light blue water. It looked as if you could see the bottom. The sand looked almost white and the palm trees looked beautiful! But I already knew I couldn’t afford it. The words under the picture read. “Take the trip of your life time, now!” I opened the pamphlet and inside was information on the island, how much it would be and all that. “I thank you, Mrs. Cooper. But I cannot afford it just yet.” I kindly told her as I handed the pamphlet back to her. “oh, That’s no problem. I will pay for you. And you can take your dog.” She smiled and started to open her purse. My mouth was open and I bet close to the floor as she took out a check. “Oh, no. You do not have to do that!” I was in complete and utter shock! She was going to pay all that for me to go on a two week long trip..? I could pay a year’s worth of rent in a brand new apartment for that much! “Oh no, You have been a great friend and I want you to go. Get away from all this and have fun for once!” She handed the check and I very slowly took it; still in shock. “Th- thank you.”I said as I looked down at it. “You leave tomorrow, that will pay for the train ticket to the air port. I already have the plane tickets. Maxie will get his own seat.”Mrs. Cooper told me. She handed me two tickets and my eyes were wide. “Why are you doing this? Just taking care of me is good enough.”She was like a mother to me; meant the world to me. Mrs. Cooper would lend me some cash when I needed it. And she would randomly go and pick up lunch for me or drive me places when I was out of gas. So I didn’t want her to spend all that money on me, I was fine the way I was now.

 Mrs. Cooper just smiled and started to pick my dirty clothes off of the floor and put them in my hamper. “Mrs. Cooper, you don’t have to do that either.”I rushed over to her and took the clothes from her hands. She really didn’t have to do any of that. If she truly wanted to pay for his trip she didn’t have to do anything else. An odd smile appeared on her face as she looked up at me. “Why do you think I am sending you and your dog away? So I can get this place cleaned.” She laughed and I had to join right in. But I could tell she wasn’t joking. She had my clothes in the hamper and then started to get the dirty dishes from around the room and started to put them in the sink. “Mrs. Cooper, you don’t have to do this right now. At least wait until I go before you start this cleaning. These tickets aren’t until tomorrow…”I had looked at the tickets and just noticed that the plane leaves the next day at seven am. “Oh gosh! I have a ton to do!” I ran to my dresser and pulled my wallet out. I slipped my feet into my boots and put the harness on Maxie and I grabbed my hamper. “I will go and get these washed and Maxie and I will be back later. Lock the door when you leave.” I told her. And then Maxie and I slipped out the door and jogged down the hallway and out the building. I never left alone…Maxie was always with me. And it was good that the places here allowed dogs In most of the buildings if they were well behaved. Just like Maxie was. 

After thirty minutes of walking we made it to the Laundromat. It was a small building with a lot of washers and dryers, the kind that are stacked on top of one another. I opened the door and Maxie walked in ahead of me. We were known there; coming ever week or so and he was allowed to come in. I walked over to a washer/dryer that I often used and tied Maxie’s leash to a table nearby. “Stay!” I ordered him. He laid down with his head on his paws and watched me as I sat my hamper down and opened the washer. I took out of the darks first and threw them in the washer. Put in soap and popped in a dollar of quarters into it and then started with the reds in another washer. I always had three going, it was easier that way. They were done at the same time and I could leave in a couple hours. I had all three washers going and I sat down in a chair and picked up a magazine. One of those about cooking, and cleaning, and mom things; maybe I would need some of that information one day.

After an hour I moved everything from washer and put them in the dryer. Almost done… More people started to come in and my heart sank to see Viper walk through the door. Viper was a mean guy, one you never wanted to meet. He did… bad things; Things that shouldn’t be spoken about. I moved down in my chair so hopefully my dark hair wouldn’t show. Maxie lifted his head and started to growl as Viper closed the door. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my heart rate. It was beating so loud that I was sure it could be heard .I shot Maxie a look, trying to calm him down and stop him from calling attention to us. But that just made him bark and I cursed under my breath. I was not liked by the men in his gang; mainly because I am mixed. My mother was white and my dad was black. They were married but my dad was in a gang. And when they found out that he married a white woman…. Let’s just say that it didn’t go very well. My mother raised me as a single mother. Being only nineteen it wasn’t easy for her. But I say she did a good job with me. But being mixed… it isn’t easy. My hair is black, but I don’t have the type of wiry hair that black people have. And I have the dark chocolate eyes and my skin is dark. But more tanned than black; it can be weird sometimes. And I lived on Viper’s side of the town and he didn’t like that I was mixed. And now that he was here. I would have to leave soon and my clothes weren’t done. “So….” I heard Vipers very deep voice say as he walked towards me just by the sound of his footsteps I could tell he was not happy. I sat up and Maxie stood as I did and he growled even deeper. I knew he would attack if he had too. He normally did. “James… what are you doing here? You are only allowed to be here on Wednesdays.” I sighed as I stood and looked at his face. He was an older man with a lot of power here. He was in his 40s with brown hair, brown eyes and very dark skin. He also had all these tattoos and scars on his body. And he had this deep, deep voice that you just did what he told you to do. “I am leaving tomorrow. I needed to wash my clothes.” I told him in a small and non threatening voice. “Ah,” Viper said as he shifted his weight and gave me a look that told me to get out and now. He didn’t care if I was leaving and needed this. This was his hangout, and his place to be not mine. I can only be there on Wednesdays. “I can leave… If that’s what you want.”I slowly told him with a small nod. Yeah… I could leave and dry my clothes later. I could hang them up somewhere and let them dry like that. Or have Mrs. Cooper come and dry them the rest of the way. She was white and able to do what she wanted when she wanted. Lucky her. Viper just nodded and shifted his weight to his other leg. “That might be best.” The way his said it made me nervous: like he was planning something. But I turned and took opened the dryers and pulled out the damp clothes and put them back in the hamper. Then I took Maxie and left without a word. But I could hear whispers as I opened the door and walked out of the building. In all truth I was scared…. This wasn’t the first time I had disobeyed the Wednesday rule.

 I was halfway home when it happened. Maxie pulled his leash out of my hands and I quickly turned to see what he was after. I thought it would be a cat. But no, it was Viper and a few other gang members. “Maxie!” I called, I dropped my hamper and some clothes fell out. My dog luckily stopped and he ran back to me. The whole time he kept right on growling. “Go home! Now!” I told him as I pointed the way back to the apartment. I didn’t want him shot or hurt in any way. He was a dog… and Viper and his men could care less about him. Maxie gave me a strange look but I held eye contact and Maxie whined, but did as told. I watched him turn the corner to our apartment building and disappear. Then I sat my hamper down on the ground and turned to face the men. “What are you doing? I am heading home.” I told them with my eyes looking down at the ground and not them. “Just makin’ sure you are leaving.” One of the big dark men said as he walked closer and closer to me. “I was heading home, you know where I live.” I nervously told him with my hands up as I stepped backwards to try and get away from them without running. They were like a pack of wolves. They would go after the weak, the submissive, and the one who was different. And I was all three of those. “I know we do.” Viper said as he stepped out from behind a big, strong looking man; his bodyguard. “But you said you were leaving tomorrow. Where are you going?” Every step I took backwards Viper took one step forward. I knew that if I ran he would too and it would not be nice. They had guns, the youngest and smallest of the group had his hand on one that was tucked into his pants. So I knew they all had to have one. And I had no weapons other than my fist. I had some training in self defense. But not much at all! “Just… out of town for a week.” I told him with a nod, all truth, no need to lie. “Where out of town?” He asked. Oh, an island. I said in my head. If I told him that he would ask where I got the money. Then Mrs. Cooper would be in trouble. She was an old woman living on her own; an easy target for the gang. “I am just going out of town. I am not sure where.” Again, that was somewhat the truth. I really wasn’t 100% sure I would be going. Viper sighed and slowly shook his head, then ran towards me. Before I could do anything he had me by the collar of my shirt and had his face so close to mine that I could smell the beer and cigarette smoke on his breath. He picked me off the ground and I was terrified. The group laughed and all smiled and crossed their arms as they watched. I kicked my feet, but was careful not to kick him. This was just a game, right? He has done this to other people, I have seen it and it normally ends just fine. Most of the time he just wants money; and I didn’t have much but hopefully he would be fine with it. “Will you be coming back?” His eyes were wide and he licked his lips. He reminded me of Maxie before he would tear into a piece of meat. It wasn’t a nice look at all. He wanted to rip my head off. “Yeah – yes Sir.” I told him with a nod. I was ready to cry and that would make me even weaker and we did not need that at all. Viper raised an eyebrow and sat me back down but he didn’t let go of my shirt; instead he tightened the grip on my collar. “Last time; where are you going?”And with that he brought his knee and hit me right in the gut. I buckled forward and almost lost my balance. I would have fell face down on the sidewalk if he hadn’t been holding the collar of my shirt. The group in the background cheered. This was a show, Viper wanted to show that he could make anyone do what he wanted. And I didn’t want to give in. I was tired of this! And all because I was both black and white! Who cared!? “It is none of your business!”I said with a groan as I forced my legs to pull me back up and stare at Viper right in the eye. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Cooper I would give him all the information he wanted. But I couldn’t have her get hurt. She meant too much to me. Viper let go of my collar with one hand and punched me right in the gut. I buckled over again and this time was allowed to fall to the ground. I laid on the ground on my back, sweat pouring from my forehead and the look of pain plastered all over my face. “James, James, James… I thought you knew not to speak to me like that. You know what happened to your father after he did and lied.” Viper walked over to me and stood right next to me with his arms crossed. The rest of the group came up and stood around me. They were going to kill me too. I just knew it! Just like they did to my father! And it wasn’t a nice death! Viper nodded to the men and stepped back. “No killing… take this as a lesson, James. NEVER, EVER, speak back to me or lie! Or next time… we won’t be so nice.” He turned and walked away. Then I started to get kicked on every side. I couldn’t fight back! I was trapped. And soon I was crying, I could feel ribs breaking and my nose broke. I had never been in so much pain. And the gang all laughed like this was a game. And what did the people who were out in the street do? Nothing. They couldn’t. Viper would kill their families.

The last thing I remember was being kicked in the head and groaning, I remember heading whistles and seeing lights. Cops running the gang members off and seeing Maxie grab onto the arm of one of the gang members. Then I passed out. Right there on the sidewalk.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Introduction to me.

 Hello all! 

 This is my first blog so we will see how it goes. Here will just be random things I decide to post and some of my stories. I love to write; so I will be sharing some stuff with you guys. But here is some about   me.   

 I am 17-19 years old.
I am female.
I am Christian and proud of it!
I love to read and write.
 And I work at a dog groomers and I LOVE it! 

 I am friendly and I LOVE to talk, so sometimes when I decide to just write something on here it become random.  

 I hope you like my writing, I know it’s not the best writing in the world. I tend to write at night while tired and these are just the first drafts. 

  God bless! <3 And I can’t wait to get this blog up and going! 

  All my writing is copyrighted and it’s all my work. Unless I state that it is a fanfiction or if it’s just a random writing that I say can be used.